Bus Route in Black Ops 2 Zombies

Bus Route in Black Ops 2 Zombies


As you probably already know, Tranzit is a Black Ops 2 zombies map that incorporates multiple maps. The 5 locations that the bus actually stops at in Tranzit are listed below.

After the bus stops at Town, it will circle back to the Bus Depot and continue this loop indefinitely. There are some additional areas that can be accessed in the Tranzit map that the bus does not stop at.

  • Bus Depot
  • Diner
  • Farm
  • Power House
  • Town

Bus Depot to Tunnel in Black Ops 2 Zombies

black ops 2 zombies bus routeAs the bus departs the Bus Depot and travels toward the Diner, you will pass through the Tunnel. If you or a team mate happens to miss the bus at the Bus Depot you will be left behind. You are not able to travel by foot from the Bus Depot to the Tunnel because it is blocked off by a rock wall.

You will need to catch the bus to make it from the Bus Depot to the Tunnel. You should note that a part to the Jet Gun may be found in the Tunnel. In order to get the part to the Jet Gun in the Tunnel you will need to hop off the bus and pick it up.

Tunnel to Diner in Black Ops 2 Zombies

Ideally you should get back on the bus after you pick up the part in the Tunnel, but if you can’t make it back on this is okay because you can travel by foot from the Tunnel to the Diner. However, if you do travel by foot through the fog from the Tunnel to the Diner you will encounter the eye scratching zombies. Just remember to knife them off of your head as you travel, and try to maintain the correct direction. It can be easy to get disoriented as the eye scratchers blur your vision.

Diner to Farm in Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit

Upon arriving at the Diner, the bus will depart shortly after. As the bus leaves the Diner you are not going to want to miss it because you cannot travel by foot from the Diner to the Farm (there is lava on the ground blocking the path, although some suspect you may be able to make it through the lava with the Stamin-up and Juggernaug Perks).

Farm to the Corn Field in Tranzit – Black Ops 2 Zombies

The bus will depart from the Farm shortly after arriving. The Bus does not actually stop at the Corn Field, rather it continues on to the Power House. If you want to find Nacht Der Untoten, you will want to hop off the bus as it passes by the Corn Field. Look to the right as you are riding the bus, and you will see a Corn Field emerge as you ride. You will see a light post and an entrance to the Corn Field. This is the entrance you want to take to get into the Corn Field and find Nacht Der Untoten. As you enter the Corn Field travel straight and take the first left. Shortly after the left turn you should take a right down a narrow pathway in the Corn Field. This will lead to Nacht Der Untoten.

If you miss the first entrance to the Corn Field you can choose to stay on the Bus until the next entrance since there are 2 entrances. The second entrance will have a car at the entrance. If you enter the second opening in the Corn Field, turn right when you can, then take the first left down the narrow pathway to find Nacht Der Untoten.

Corn Field to Power House in Tranzit Black Ops 2 Zombies

If you choose to stay on the Bus it will continue to the Power House. Hang tight and watch out for zombies. You can travel safely by foot all the way from Farm to the Power House, minus the eye scratching zombies.Power House to the Cabin

Again, I should note that the bus does not stop at the Cabin. The Cabin is a secret location along the path to the Town part of the map. If you want to go to the Cabin, you should board the Bus at the Power House. As you travel on the Bus, look to the right, on the same side as the doors. Look for some fire on the ground as you ride. When you see the fire, this is where the Cabin is located. You can hop off the bus and run over to the Cabin.

Cabin to Town in Tranzit Black Ops 2 Zombies

The Town is the next stop after you pass by the Cabin on the way from the Power House. There isn’t anything particularly exciting along this path. You can navigate by foot from the Cabin to the Town.

Town to Bus Depot in Tranzit

You must catch the bus in order to get from the Town to the Bus Depot, there is lava blocking the route for foot travelers. You will cross a wooden bridge that has low clearance as you travel from Town to the Bus Depot, so you should be sure to crouch if you get on top the Bus in this location.

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